How to retain access to your base when your login method is down on mobile

While it is not a common occurrence, if you play on mobile you may find yourself locked out of your base if your normal log in method (Game Center, Google Play, Facebook, ect.) is currently unavailable, which is usually the result of an outage on your login methods part.  EXAMPLE: You use Game Center to log into VEGA Conflict.  Apple has a Game Center outage (which is something beyond KIXEYE's control) and you are unable to log into your base until Game Center is back up. Again, while this is rare, it can happen, but there is something you can do to prevent this from happening.  

If you have linked your account to an additional log in method, you can simply use this log in method to access your base until the outage has been resolved.  Let's use the above example again. You use Game Center to log into VEGA Conflict.  Apple has a Game Center outage and you are unable to use this log in method.  Luckily you have linked your account to your account.  You can select KIXEYE as your log in method and get back on your base before the Game Center outage is resolved.  

But what if you accidentally loaded into a guest account?  This is also simply solved by going to your Profile by clicking your picture in the upper left hand side of the screen, and then select Settings.  From Settings click Account Management and then log out of your Guest account.  Once logged out you can then select your additional login method (in this example KIXEYE), enter your credentials, and you are back on your base!


You can find instructions on how to link your account here


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