How do I earn Base experience in VEGA conflict?

The level of your base works as an indication of your peak base performance. You're rewarded in VEGA Conflict when you increase your base's offensive or defensive ability.

The following actions will reward you with experience:

  • Building a new Module
  • Upgrading a Module to a new rank
  • Attaching higher level weapons / shields / armor to your Modules
  • Completing Research*
  • Completing or obtaining a Blueprint

The following will not result in an experience gain:

  • Banking resources
  • Building / Editing your Ships
  • Destroying VEGA / Enemy Fleets
  • Destroying a player's base

To prevent exploitation, if you scrap a module or remove components and then later build something of equal value, you will not receive any new experience as your performance has not increased any further. If you build something of a greater experience amount, you will gain the positive difference between the two.

You will not lose experience once it is gained.


*The only exception to this is Mk Upgrade Research, which does not grant XP.
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