What happens on the Fusion tab in the Workshop?

fter the 12/2 Deploy Pattern to Core Recipes have been removed


The Fusion tab found in your Workshop allows you to take lower tiered Cores and use them to make the Higher tiered Cores used in Crafting.  Currently the ONLY thing you can make with Fusion is Cores, and any other crafting ingredients need to be either be found in crafting fleets on the Planet or Sector maps, or purchased in the Black Market where Larus will occasionally offer crafting materials.

Here are some details on how Fusion works

  • Fusion Recipes let you take multiple (4) lower tiered Cores and create 1 higher tiered core (IE: You can use 4 Cruiser Cores T1 to create 1 Cruiser Core T2).  
  • This can be done instantly at no added resource cost, but the lower tiered Cores used in the recipe will be used up to create the higher tiered Core.  
  • These recipes are gained by finding a lower tiered  core that can be "Fused" into a higher tiered one (IE: In the above example, I will need to find at least 1 Cruiser Core T1 before the recipe for them will appear in my Workshop).  
  • Once you have found a Fusion recipe, it will remain in your Workshop regardless of how many of those Cores you have.

The main thing to keep in mind when using Fusion is that you are using one tier of Core to make the higher tiered Core; these Cores will be used up in order to make your new Core.

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