What happens on the Fusion tab in the Workshop?

The Fusion tab found in your Workshop provides more flexibility with crafting materials. There are a few different types of fusion:

  • Make a higher level RI using lower-level RI's of the same time and crafting materials
  • Make a weapon Credit or RI using Fragments or other specific materials (such as Blight Elements)
  • Make higher tier Cores using lower tier Cores
  • Make Cores using Patterns

Ingredients need to be either be found in crafting fleets on the Planet or Sector maps, purchased in the Market, or found through various other activities in-game.

Here are some additional details:

  • Making an RI has both a resource and time cost.
  • Making Non-Flagship Cores are free and instant.
  • Using Fragments to make hulls and weapon credits are instant and free.
  • Once you have found a Fusion recipe, it will remain in your Workshop.

The main thing to keep in mind when using Fusion is that it can use one tier of item to make higher tiered items; these items will be used up in order to make the new item.

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