What should I do if I experience latency or lag? (PC)

If you experience frequent latency/lag while playing VEGA Conflict on your PC, the first step would be to run a Traceroute and bandwidth check.

What is a Traceroute?

A traceroute is a utility that records the route between your computer and our KIXEYE game servers. Traceroutes will tell you how many routers your packets travel through, and how long it takes for them to travel between routers.

How do I run a Traceroute?

Select Start → Programs → Accessories → Command Prompt

Enter the word tracert, followed by a space, then


What do these numbers indicate?

Each number is test (the traceroute runs each 3 times, the ping test runs every second) and represents how many milliseconds it took the connection to respond.

Check for times between hops that are greater than 100 ms

  • Low numbers are better

  • 150 ms can be indicative of lag or some latency

  • 300 ms+ in connection can indicate a severe problem in gameplay

  • Single or double asterisks (*) indicate dropped data in the connection. Three asterisks can mean the server did not respond to any requests, or it may be a firewalled server.

Bandwidth Check

  1. Go to and select the "Test My Internet +" button, then select the "Combined" button.
  2. Allow the test to finish fully, then take a screenshot of the results. (How to take a screenshot)

What do these numbers indicate?

The download and upload speeds indicate how much data can travel from and to the server at one time. 6Mbps of download bandwidth is required for smooth gameplay.

What do I do now?

If you have had problems with latency or connectivity in VEGA Conflict and have completed a traceroute and a bandwidth check, you may send a screenshot of your traceroute and bandwidth results, attach both screenshots to the ticket, and an agent can help you look through your numbers. 

If you see several high numbers and asterisks you may need to call your Internet Service Provider. They can use this information to help diagnose if there is a problem on their end or if there might be a better internet option for your gaming needs. 


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