How do I pull and save my Unity logs (PC)?

Occasionally Customer Support will request you submit a copy of your Unity logs so that we can see what is going wrong when VEGA Conflict is having an issue on your PC. To pull your logs, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the logs must be taken immediately after the session in question is played. DO NOT CLEAR OR REFRESH YOUR GAME. Refreshing your game will completely erase the previous logs, and will thus lose the information we need. 

  1. To get started on a PC, you want to open up the “Run” prompt by typing "run" into the search bar on your start menu.
  2. This will open a new window and you want to enter %temp%.
  3. This will open the area on your PC where all temporary logs are saved. Scroll down and open the UnityWebPlayer folder.
  4. Find the most recent log, open it in a text editor, and copy all of the text. Once copied, paste the text into a Microsoft Word or Text Document. Then save this document and attach it to your email correspondence with us.

You’re done!


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