How can I improve general performance on my Mac?

Here are a few steps to ensure your system is running as lean as possible:

  1. Ensure no other applications are running in the background
  2. Disable anti-virus while playing
  3. Set 3D graphics quality to low/fastest in display driver control panel
  4. Ensure no CPU intensive browser add-ons are installed and running
  5. Run game in full screen mode to take advantage of full screen optimizations

If you continue to have problems, try clearing your Unity cache by visiting here, clicking VEGAConflict, and then clicking Delete VEGAConflict.

This will give you a fresh game client when you next play VEGA and this can help with a number of performance issues. Please keep in mind that downloading the fresh client will take longer than normal so please be patient as this is expected.

You should then clear your browser cache as well:

If you would like guidance with any of these steps, submit a support ticket listing which step you are having trouble with and we would be happy to walk you through it.


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