What should I do if I experience latency or lag? (Mac)

If you experience frequent latency/lag while playing VEGA Conflict, the first step would be to run a Traceroute.

What is a Traceroute?

A traceroute is a utility that records the route between your computer and our KIXEYE game servers. Traceroutes will tell you how many routers your packets travel through, and how long it takes for them to travel between routers. 


Begin by opening Finder and searching for Network Utility

1. Click on the "Traceroute" tab

2. Enter

3. Run the Trace

4. Look at the numbers underlined.

What do these numbers indicate?

Each number is test (the program runs each 3 times) and represents how many milliseconds it took the connection to respond

Check for times between hops that are greater than 100 ms

  • Low numbers are better

  • 100 ms can be indicative of lag or some latency

  • 300 ms+ in connection can indicate a severe problem in gameplay

  •  *** which indicate that your request has timed out and mean that some packets could be dropped from your connection to ours and could also directly influence gameplay

What do I do now?

If you have had problems with latency or connectivity in VEGA Conflict and have completed a traceroute, you may send a screenshot of your results and an agent can help you look through your numbers. 

If you see several high numbers and asterisks you may need to call your Internet Service Provider. They can use this information to help diagnose if there is a problem on their end or if there might be a better internet option for your gaming needs. 


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