Trouble raising support tickets

If you are experiencing an error with raising a support ticket please create a new email address and add or update your email address on your settings page. Once you have confirmed that change you should then be able to raise a support ticket. This resolves most issues with using the support section.

The above fix should be suitable for the following errors:

  • email address is not set
  • email in use on another account 
  • unable to see support link
  • email address is linked to another account 
  • other various errors

We are aware that this is not a great experience, but it should get your account back in sync with the support system, and it does do away with the need for a second email address check within the support section.

If you are unable to change the email address on your account but can still create a support ticket, please do so and then keep an eye on your My Requests page for replies.

If you are attempting to verify your email address, please ensure that your account has an email address added. After entering your email address into the relevant fields, click save changes. Then refresh the page - if your email address is still there then your email address has been added correctly to your account, and you should then be able to verify your email address.

The following steps have been found to help users verify their email addresses:

  • clear your cache and all cookies
  • restart you browser
  • login to the site again
  • enter a new email address in the relevant place on your settings page, and save changes

We are aware that some of you are still not getting the verification emails, and we are currently looking into that.

If you are trying to change or add an email address to your account and you get an error that states it is already in use, the first thing you should do for this is to use the Forgotten Password feature on the site with that email address. If it exists you will then be able to change it to something else on the settings page. If it doesn't exist, then you may need to contact support with a request for us to change email addresses on your account for you.

If any of this is unclear, please ask on the forums and we will clarify it for you.


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