UPDATE: Unity has moved the date for the shut off to sometime in June 2016

Unity is discontinuing support for Unity Web Player sometime after June 2016, which means VEGA Conflict (which runs on Unity) will no longer be playable in your web browser.  While there is no exact date for it to be discontinued at this time, we assure you we will continue to support VEGA Conflict in your browser as long as we are able to.

If you are a PC/Mac player there is no need to worry though!  We recently launched VEGA Conflict on Steam as a downloadable client, and you can still play the exact same base you have been playing either on or Facebook on Steam by linking your account on Steam.  For more information on how to get your account linked up, please view the following article:

Steam Migration Guide

If for any reason you are having trouble getting your prexisting base on Steam, please file a ticket with our Customer Support Department, and we will be more than happy to help get you set up.

Submit A Support Ticket

There are many advantages to playing VEGA Conflict on Steam as opposed to in your browser as well.


  • Better performance than playing through a web browser
  • Much faster game loading
  • Switch between base, planet, and sector views much quicker
  • Better hardware compatibility (particularly for Mac users)
  • Go full-screen on any of your displays
  • Higher quality graphics and audio
  • Less memory usage than playing through a web browser
  • Steam auto-updates - no worries about plugins being out of date ever again
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