Problems loading Steam in Windows 10/High GPU usage

If you are having problems loading VEGA Conflict in Steam while on Windows 10, or if your GPU usage gets incredibly high when the game is inactive, you may be experiencing a known Unity issue.

By default, Unity player will try to use DirectX11/12 to render graphics. However, Unity is currently experiencing an issue that has trouble with DirectX11/12. We recommend forcing Steam to use DirectX9 instead, as it doesn't have this issue. Follow these steps:

1. In steam right click on the game -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options

2. In the popup that appears, type the following: -force-d3d9

Don't remove the dashes, type it exactly as displayed above.


This issue is not likely to resolve soon. While Unity has a fix for this issue in its later versions, we are holding off on updating (as doing so will remove Webplayer Support).

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