I found a bug - next steps

If you believe you found a bug in-game, we're happy to investigate further. To investigate, we generally need a bit of information:


1. Time and date of occurrence/s, including timezone.

2. The exact name of the affected item (please be detailed).

2. Issue symptoms (we need to be able to trigger the error to fix it).

3. Platforms affected (Steam, Android, iOS, etc).

4. A link to a video or screenshots demonstrating the error.

Please include this information in a Vega Conflict Support Ticket. A support ticket can be submitted from here or in-game by selecting the player avatar at the top-left of the screen, then select "Support". Please include the information listed above, and we'll be happy to take a look.


For example:

Hello customer support,

I attacked a level 90 Altairian Mothership on the first day of the month at 3pm pst. This occurred directly before submitting this support ticket. The attack credited all loot drops, but did not credit Intel (points). This occurs each time that target is hit, but this hasn't affected other targets I've seen so far. I'm using Steam, and I recorded a second hit on the 90 target in this example video. 


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