My build, refit, upgrade, research, or crafting was sped up using gold or cancelled - next steps

In Vega Conflict, time can be reduced on builds, upgrades, refits, research, and crafting by using gold. If an item was accidentally accelerated using gold (or canceled), customer service may be able to provide additional assistance. 

Customer service is able to offer a one-time courtesy for accidental actions. If the item giving trouble can be reversed on our end, this will not be counted towards the one-time courtesy. 

If this has occurred, please submit a support ticket directly after it happens. A ticket can be submitted from this link.

Please include the following information in the support ticket:

1) The time, date, and timezone of the occurrence
2) The exact item name.
3) Materials used for the build, upgrade, or refit
4) For cancellations, please include the date the action was started.

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