I encountered an issue in battle - next steps

I'm sorry to hear an issue came up while you were playing - customer service will be happy to take a closer look! Please include the following information in a support ticket with the following information:

1) The exact target name
2) The time, date, and timezone of the attack
3) Detailed information on the issue. For example:
    Does the problem happen in some situations but not others?
    Are some items affected but others not?
    Does it happen every time, or some of the time?
4) Steps to reproduce the error
5) Screenshots or a video. 

For Android, a few video recording programs are mentioned here
For Apple, video can be recorded using these steps
For Computers, video can be recorded using this app

Customer Service is unable to download videos due to our security policy. Please upload video to any public video hosting website and provide a link in the ticket.

Example: "I've tried this target twice and have encountered some odd enemy ship behavior. This issue only happens when I use the Exterminator Destroyer in the level 50 Strike Hive target. I've included a video showing the error, which was taken about 20 minutes ago - steering my ships directly towards the enemy will trigger the error 100% of the time."

A support ticket may be submitted from here: link

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