Fleet Commanders

Fleet Commanders are a new way to customize fleets and utilize attack strategies. Each provides different bonuses to a fleet, and can be leveled up by winning PvP/PvE battles. As Experience Points are gained, the Fleet Commander level increases, and so do their bonuses. Certain Fleet commanders can be obtained through missions, but the more powerful and rare commanders will be obtained through events. Each Fleet Commander can be earned once, and can only be assigned to one docked fleet at a time.

Additional notes:

  • When hitting a target which is above your Fleet Commander level, bonus XP is granted

  • When hitting a target which is below your Fleet Commander level, reduced XP is earned

  • Hitting a target 20 or more levels below your Fleet Commander level will not yield XP

  • If a target is at 100% health, all points will be credited. For targets with partial health, partial points are credited

  • When a fleet that has a Fleet Commander assigned is selected and you choose a target to attack, the “Info” menu will show how much experience can be gained on victory.

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